White lie

Ложь во спасение
  • Year:2016
  • Country: Russia
  • Genre: Detective
  • Duration: 44 minutes, 4 series
  • Director: Andrey Vereschagin
  • Writer: Nataliya Pershina
  • Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Anastasiya Shipulina
  • Cast: Anastasiya Panina, Vladimir Zherebtsov, Oleg Kamenschikov, Aleksey Matoshin, Lyubava Greshnova, Petr Rykov


Young investigator Oleg finds connection between the strange deaths that had taken place in the city recently, and suspects in the murders a local banker Rusakov. But soon he finds out that Rusakov is supported by very powerful people. Oleg doesn’t drop out his investigation – and his life becomes a mess. His best friend is murdered.
Oleg is suspended from the case – it will be investigated by Polina, who is clearly associated with criminals. Oleg’s family is also in trouble: his beloved wife Irina thinks that he is cheating on her. And her son Deniska who suffers seizures of partial muteness after trauma, retires into his shell.
Later Oleg gets arrested for the murder of Irina’s ex husband. And even Irina is not sure in his innocence. Soon after his lawyer is found dead.
Irina realizes that Oleg was framed and that his life is in danger. So she makes a desperate step: she confesses to the murder of her ex so that Oleg gets released. By that time Oleg escapes from prison. And criminals start hunting for Irina, who had found the evidence against them. Oleg finds out that cause of all the troubles from the beginning has been close and enjoyed his confidence. At the last moment the hero saves his family. Having gone through fire and water, he and his wife will find each other again and will learn to appreciate their love.