Rain in May

Майский дождь
  • Year:2012
  • Country: Russia
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Director: Ivan Sidorov
  • Writer: Natalya Pavlovskaya
  • Producer: Anastasiya Shipulina, Rodion Pavlyuchik
  • Cinematography: Maksim Trappo
  • Cast: Artem Tkachenko, Danila Dunaev, Irina Tarannik, Ravshana Kurkova


The very event that all girls are looking forward to for ages is happening in Olga’s life: Mark is proposing to her! Everything is going as it should: roses, champagne, the appointment of the exact date of the wedding, plans about the trip, future children ... But then bangs on the wall disrupted romance of the moment: a neighbor who moved recently has thrown yet another party. “How much longer can this be going on?” - Olga and Mark are complaining to each other. An idea dawns on Olga.
Marc comes to his neighbor Denis with a business offer: to sell the apartment to him and Olga, and they will find him a new one - no hassle, and even a financial gain. However Dennis is not willing to agree ... Even after the failure the couple does not want to retreat. Olga has already fantasized a great big apartment and lovely kids! Will Olga make her dream come true or the trouble neighbour will unexpectedly surprise her?