The gold of Gloria

Золото Глории
  • Year:2012
  • Country: Russia
  • Genre: Adventures
  • Duration: 52 minutes, 8 series
  • Director: Aleksei Kolmogorov
  • Writer: Aleksei Kolmogorov
  • Producer: Aleksandr Robak, Igor Goldberg, Maksim Lagashkin
  • Cast: Evgeni Stichkin, Pavel Maykov, Mikhail Evlanov, Sergey Gazarov, Ekaterina Stulova, Sergey Chirkov, Aleksandr Robak, Maksim Lagashkin, Ekaterina Olkina, Juris Laicinsh, Lisandra Batista Kando, Regnier Perez Morales, Mario Eddie Limonta, Rosa Delgado de la Rosa


Three friends arrive from Moscow to Havana. At first glance they are ordinary tourists. But in fact, they are experienced treasure hunters looking for the gold from the Spanish ship “Gloria”, which sank in 1673.
Our heroes move from Havana to the bay, where the treasure is supposed to be. But on the way they mysteriously move to the past, the exact year when the gold was hidden.
Treasure hunters are captured by pirates, and have a unique opportunity to be part of the events that led to the wreck of “Gloria”. But now their main problem is not to find the gold, but to find the way back to their time. Who and what sent them to the past? After a lot of dangerous adventures the protagonist Andrey successfully solves the puzzle and finds the way to the 21st century.